The good and the bad in 2010

In the past, I posted links to some of the podcasts of my talks for a radioprogram for Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Since late 2008, I contribute to their program Wereldnet in which I talk about the news in Armenia. This morning was my final contribution for 2010, a brief flashback to the past year.

In my talks over the past year I talked a lot about negative news in Armenia: Nikol Pashinian‘s election campaign from behind bars, domestic violence and the position of women in Armenian society, hazing and the many non-combat deaths in the Armenian army, to name just a few of the topics I discussed. For a change, this time I decided to look back at some of the positive news coming out of Armenia in 2010: Grand Candy making the world’s largest chocolate bar, the opening of the Tatev aerial tramway (the longest aerial tramway in the world) and Vladimir Arzumanyan winning the Junior Eurovision Songfestival for Armenia.

Here’s the link to this morning’s show (unfortunately for all my non-Dutch speaking readers it is all in Dutch). I am up first, approximately the first seven or so minutes.

One thought on “The good and the bad in 2010

  1. Myrthe, love the new site and love this post (just reading it now!). You made me remember one other positive piece of news for Armenia in 2010: the finding of the world’s oldest shoe (followed by the world’s oldest dress)! Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the good things about Armenia 😉 Thanks for making me remember.

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