Another short update

In good Armenian style, things are moving and changing all the time. All of a sudden, starting from Monday, I am already working from home, though still for the same company. They suddenly had a load of work and needed to free up some computers at the office, so my boss asked me if I could work from home, because that’s fairly easy with the work I’m doing at the moment.

After putting up my previous post I realized I had forgotten to mention another of the summer’s lows: my cat Archy (the gray-white longhair) fell from the balcony and hit his head on the way down. As I live on the fifth floor, that was quite the fall. It took me about a month of nursing him back to something like his previous self and he’s still limping. But he survived and he’s doing fine.

I have another urgent writing job to finish this week, so I plan to be back in business with bookish posts here hopefully by next weekend.

5 thoughts on “Another short update

  1. I don’t know his history, but Archy could have “8 lives” left. Please give him a treat from me. (My cat, Sara, loves Pounce treats–do they have those in Armenia?)

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