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Since late last year, I have been giving short talks/interviews on national Dutch radio about life in Armenia. I am one of a network of some 150 Dutch people living all over the world who participate in Wereldnet, a daily fifteen minute program (or half an hour on weekends) in which two or three Dutch expats talk about daily life and other topics that usually don’t make the media headlines from the country where they now live.

So far, I have given four talks (interviews sounds way too pretentious I think), of which three are available online.

The most recent one is from early May, in which I talk about the rise in people wanting to learn Dutch in Armenia and my experiences in the three and a half years that I have been teaching Dutch in Yerevan. You can listen to that here (starts a little over 17mins into the podcast).

The second one is the one I did on April 4 together with expats from Lebanon and Mexico. Among other things, I’m discussing pro-government youth group Miasin’s putting up posters of corrupt university lecturers on the streets of Yerevan’s center last March. You can listen to the program here (it’s worth listening to the entire 30min broadcast, because the other two contributors have interesting things to say as well).
The other talk that is available online is here (it starts about 20mins into the podcast). Together with a Dutch woman living in Syria we discuss the presence of Armenians in Syria and the presence of Diaspora-Armenians in Armenia among others.

Needless to say I guess, both talks are in Dutch. Sorry for my non-Dutch-speaking readers!

2 thoughts on “Myrthe on the Radio

  1. Hi,
    I saw your post on Shewrites. It seems like our paths have crossed–or should have.

    I'm an American journalist living in Austria–I've worked in Armenia (for the J school) and quite a bit in Tbilisi (also J school).

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Patti. You were fast: I had just posted on SheWrites.

    When were you in the Caucasus?

    This blog isn't updated as much as it used to be, I am a bit in limbo as to where to take it from here, because I seem to have lost the appetite and inspiration to write regularly about Armenia. Maybe that's the result of living here for so long.

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