And now for something different….

I gave in, finally…

From now on you can follow me on Twitter as well at For a long time I didn’t want to join Twitter, because I expected it to be another online addiction. In fact I still do, but we’ll see what happens. Anyway, expect mainly bookish stuff, Armenian and Caucasus topics, and human rights and gender issues.

Now I’m off to play…

5 thoughts on “And now for something different….

    1. Susan, It took a while for me to decide to take the plunge. One of the reasons is that I’ll be giving an online media 101 training later this year. I should at least have some hands-on experience, shouldn’t I? 😉

  1. Myrthe, I took the plunge and joined Facebook in May after resisting for a long time. I enjoy it, but realize that my blog is more meaningful to me. Of course, it’s quite possible to use Facebook and Twitter in meaningful ways also, or just to have much needed fun on these sites, too. Anyway, I will be interested in hearing about your experiences on Twitter, although I will not be following you (at least not at the present time).

  2. Susan, I joined Facebook I don’t know when, two years ago? I skip the tests and the silly stuff, though. I use it to keep in touch with friends and bloggers all over the world, to see what other (Armenian) bloggers are up to and I have been connecting with bloggers from Azerbaijan recently. And I have connected with some readers of my blogs through Fb as well. Now, I start and finish my day with Fb. For me, Facebook is a way to connect with people I would otherwise not be able to connect with or it would be much harder. Depends on how you use Facebook, I guess.

    BTW, the link to my profile is on my About-page.

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