My Grandmother by Fethiye Cetin

One of my favorite bookbloggers, Lynne at Dovegreyreader Scribbles, reviewed My Grandmother: A memoir by Fethiye Cetin. Cetin is a Turkish human rights lawyer whose grandmother told her that was actually Armenian and that she survived the Genocide:

As Fethiye recounts her grandmother’s life, and in this beautiful translation by Maureen Freely, you realise that you are witnessing the struggles of a selfless and most extraordinary woman. A life that you can rejoice in for the sheer depth of fiesty determination to survive and the compassion for others born of that experience.

For most of her life Seher a Muslim, has concealed her true Christian Armenian identity from her family. Having watched the massacre of those closest to them, Heranus (Seher’s real name) and her mother and brother undertake the forced death march in 1915. Seized from her mother by a Turkish gendarme Heranus is then adopted into his family and separated from her own for ever. It is many years later that she divulges this truth to Fethiye and reveals that she thinks some of the family may have escaped to America all those years ago and might it be possible to trace them?

The review is here. If you enjoy reading and books, the blog is well worth visiting. Lynne is a prolific reader who writes about the books she reads in a distinct voice of her own. There are loads and loads of suggestions if you are looking for books to read.

3 thoughts on “My Grandmother by Fethiye Cetin

  1. Thank you for letting us know about the book.

    I’ll make sure to read it in the near future.

  2. What a touching story! How painful must have been life for this brave woman, been through that much suffering.
    I hope Seher may have find joy and happiness, in spite of the sad things she saw while growing up.
    I wonder how many stories like this one every family has. A life, a whole history.
    All the best from Peru.

  3. Dear Fethiye Cetin,
    My name is Tatevik Sedrakyan. I am from Armenia, 21 years old girl. 4 days ago I read your book and cry the all night. You are very brave woman, who doesn't afraid of truth. Wish you more strength and happiness in your life .
    Best regards.

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