Back to normal

After a very busy month and and extremely nice and relaxing weekend visiting friends out of town, my life is back to normal and I will have time for reading and blogging again. For three and a half weeks, I took an evening course five days a week after work for which I had to hand in a final assignment and write an exam last week. I didn’t read much in these weeks. I’d come home at nine, have tea and a sandwich, read some course material or work on an assignment and go to bed. I would try to read a bit in bed, but usually I was too tired to read more than a couple of pages.

Then I had to hand in my application for renewal of my residency permit last week. This requires several days of running around town getting all the documents (a certificate of good health, a translation of my passport with a notary’s stamp, a letter from work, lots of copies of documents) and having lots of patience. The office that deals with foreigners’ residency permits is called OVIR all over the former Soviet Union – the term is the abbreviation of the Russian name for the office, the word OVIR still stems from Soviet times. Customer-friendliness is definitely not the greatest asset of the people working at the Armenian OVIR and they could do with a course or two on how to deal with people. I think they secretly enjoy the power they have (or the power they think they have). Dealing with OVIR is usually a bit of a stressful experience for anyone, foreigner or Armenian alike.

Oh, and then there is a new girl working with me at the office, so I have to teach her everything, which ma my presence at the office required and I couldn’t really skip time there.

All that is now in the past and I decided to go out of town for a few days over the weekend to visit friends. I had a very relaxing time, eating, talking, laughing, playing basketball with my friend’s nephews and I even got some reading done on Sunday, sitting outside on the porch. I came back Sunday evening and I felt so good.

As for this poor blog of mine that I’ve been neglecting, I have four reviews to write, one is pretty much ready plus another review coming up in a few days. I will update the sidebar and the Books read page. I signed up for the Weekly Geeks, but I haven’t done any of the tasks yet. I wanted to, because there were some fun ones, but I just didn’t have the time. I also signed up for Dewey’s Read-a-thon. More about the Weekly Geeks and the Read-a-thon in separate posts.

Now that I have time again, expect more regular blogging again. I want to get back to my previous schedule of posting at least four times a week.

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  1. It’s always a relief to complete a big obligation like that and get back to real life. Enjoy your extra reading time -I’ll look forward to reading all about it!

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