Quietly the third anniversary of my move to Armenia passed by on Saturday. Won’t bore you with contemplative blogging, because there is not much else to say than that, with all the good and the bad things, I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. I am where I want to be.

13 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. I know, Nanul, it feels kind of comforting in a way to have that feeling.

    I hope to see you back here soon, Chantal! And for a bit longer. 🙂 That would be so cool!

  2. Happy anniversary, Myrthe jan!!! 🙂
    “I am where I want to be” – WOW! sounds great. I have to find out more when we meet – can’t wait to see you very soon 😉

  3. Yep, I’m a happy camper these days, for different reasons, some of which I would like to keep to myself for just a little while longer.

    I’m looking forward to the 24th as well, Artmika!

  4. Are you aware that you are only blogger located in Armenia that writes in English?
    Which means that you are somethng like Armenian Broadcasting Service for internet users …
    How does it feel?

  5. Neutrino, there are lots of bloggers from Armenia writing in English! Just go through my blogroll in the sidebar. Most of them are local or Diasporan Armenians. There are not that many non-Armenians blogging from Armenia and most of them are Peace Corps volunteers.

  6. Zar jan, thank you!

    I think that something did change in Blogger’s commentform, but there should still a possibility to put your link in your name even if you don’t have a blogger/google-account. I will look into it and see if I need to change something in the comment settings. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Anon. I know that works anyway, but the Blogspot-comment form should have a possibility to add a link that is not a Blogspot-link to the commenter’s name (like mine, but for an external/non-Blogspot link). I think that was what Zara meant, not just linking in the comment itself.

  8. Sorry for sending this late, but I really wanted to stop here for a moment and wish you a happy Armenian anniversary!!! I wish I had met you when I was in Armenia, I’m sure we would have a lot to talk about. Also, I am so happy for you being happy and that you did find Armenia, of all places in the world, the place where you want to be more than anywhere else.

    Happy anniversary again.

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