Thank yous!

My parents arrived two days ago, and this is what they brought me:

Also, Margaret, both your cards and your book arrived as well. I already dipped in and out of your book and I think I will enjoy it A LOT. Thank you so much, my blogfriend!

While I am thanking people, here is a big thanks to Lucy and Zara: a million thanks for your tip. I bought plates today at the shop you mentioned and I will certainly go back for more. I was drooling all over the place, they had so many nice things!

5 thoughts on “Thank yous!

  1. And Dutch cheese as well..))
    Tomorrow I am cooking Indonesian for some French and Turkish friends…
    With extra sambal…om de tong te strelen..))

  2. Hans, they did bring some cheese as well 😉

    Nanul, I looked through the book, read bits and peaces and I am looking forward to reading it than before! I think it’ll be interesting. Might even blog about it once I read it, but that I won’t promise right now. Once I get around to reading it, it’ll be up in the sidebar, so you’ll know.

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