Healthy food

This is my dinner for tonight, a simple salad with cucumber, tomatoes, green pepper, parsley, red basil (I still have no clue what the real name is, in Armenian or English), cheese and olive oil. Everything (apart from the olive oil and the cheese, duh!) is from Rada’s vegetable garden.

She knows how much I love fresh fruits and vegetables, so whenever she has something, she gives me a bag full of homegrown goodies (and I suspect it is her way of doing something for me in return for my support to her family and to her daughter Ellada in particular. But this is a little secret between you and me). The same last Monday when she had to be in Yerevan anyway and she came over for coffee at my new apartment. Today she called to say that she and Ellada will be in town again and she’d bring me some more from her garden. I told her not to, as I still haven’t finished all the vegetables she brought me on Monday. But I know Rada: no matter how much I protest, this time tomorrow my fridge will be filled with fresh veggies again.

3 thoughts on “Healthy food

  1. We call red basil “rehan”in Armenian – although i have no clue where the word itself originated.

    Tomatoes and cucumbers – the “staple” of Armenian summer diet. And by far, my favorite, especially paired with freshly baked matnakash bread.

  2. I knew that! The moment I read ‘rehan’, I remembered that I knew that already, but it had completely slipped my mind. Thanks for reminding me, Nika!

    Freshly baked matnakash is so good! I just had breakfast, but this food talk making me hungry again!

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