Sometimes Life Sucks

Don’t expect too much from me here for the next ten days or so. As you know my parents are here (they’ll stay for another week or so), I will be moving hopefully next weekend, but worst of all, this morning I got a phone call that one of my best friends was in a car accident last night and is in hospital. His two cousins are in hospital as well and unfortunately the fourth person who was in the car with them died. He was a friend of them who I didn’t know. He leaves behind a wife and a newly-born baby.

With a broken wrist and two broken ribs, a concussion and bruises my friend is the best off of the three survivors. While dealing with all this, my friend’s wife has a two month-old son to take care of as well, so you can imagine she needs all the help she can get.

Sometimes life just plain sucks.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Sucks

  1. So sorry to hear this Myrthe…(((
    Hope you all will find the strenght to overcome the first time…and of course, the strenght to live further…
    My condoleances to the wife of your friend…terrible…))

  2. How terrible! I hope your friend recovers fully, and I am so sorry to hear about his friends. What a terrible thing for all of you to have to deal with. You have my sympathies.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend and the others. I feel for the wife of the man that died and for your friend.jufuhhg

  4. My friend is out of hospital now, he is at home, but still has to lie down and rest as the concussion is still not gone. His two cousins are still in hospital, one of them is still in a very serious condition. The guy who died was my friend’s neighbor, so you can imagine that that is uncomfortable for both families.

  5. Hallo Myrthe, wat een leuk en interessant log (kwam hier via wereldexpat). Mijn man is Rus (uit Kazachstan) en we hebben veel Armeense vrienden. Fascinerend land en ik hoop dat ik er dan ooit nog eens naar toe kan gaan.
    Succs met alles en vooral met je vrienden.

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