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Last night I had dinner with some friends at Karma, a new Indian restaurant that opened in the same location where Tandoori restaurant used to be. We know the owners and we had promised to come for dinner once the restaurant opened (They don’t know I am writing about the restaurant on the internet, though, just so you all know). Actually, the official opening hasn’t happened yet, which is why the menu wasn’t complete yet.

If you’ve ever been to Tandoori, you’ll notice from the pictures that the interior is very different. The walls are all painted orange, yellow and brown. I absolutely loved the interior, it looks very fresh and lively, but at the same time very warm and welcoming and it makes you want to relax and enjoy your food. The only thing that needs some fine tuning is the music they play.

As an appetizer we had samusa: dumplings of mashed potatoes with green peas and something else in a crust of dough. This was served with a fairly spicy, but very tasty mint sauce. As main course we had lamb curry and chicken curry and chicken briani (rice with chicken, fried eggs and some type of soy-like sauce). This was served with naanbread fresh from the oven and still steaming hot. Yummy! For dessert we had warm sweet carrot halva with raisins and coconut. I am getting hungry just writing about it! I did like the food very much, but I admit I am not enough of an expert on Indian food to be able to really judge it.

To drink we had Sajit’s specialty. I am not sure it will be on the menu (and if so, what it’ll be called). It is freshly made lemon/lime-lemonade with spices mixed with vodka and it is excellent! The danger is that you really drink it like lemonade and you forget there is vodka in it. 😉

As it’s the only Indian restaurant in town now, after New Delhi and Tandoori unfortunately had to close down, it’s worth a visit if you like Oriental food. I’ll be back for sure (and not just because the owners are friends).

Except the first one, the pictures were taken by my boyfriend Dibar. I promised to credit him here. 🙂

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  1. It’s pretty! My husband loves Indian food, but too many of the ingredients in Indian food are things I’m allergic to, so although I like the taste, I have to avoid it. Dibar takes good photos!

  2. Thank you so much for this review! I am an odar (voch! hay chem!) who has been in Yerevan for 2 weeks now and is desperately craving a curry. Now I know where to go!

  3. The address of the restaurant is Teryan St 65 in Yerevan. As far as I know they don’t have a website or email-address (yet?).

  4. hi i am vishal from jaipur india i been in armenia last year in the month of sep.& i been in karma & had my dinner with my friends & family, in karma i like the food but which i like most is the service, the boy who is working with karma he is from delhi, he work very hard i like his everything, that time the service he give to us was very good, i was surprised because i been so many places but the service his give’s us was really very good. next time whenever i willin armenia i like to spend more time with my friends in karma.

  5. hello i also been to karma, but this time i found everything new there, staff is changed, food quality is not like before, service is very poor, waiter dump the food on the table even server dont know the dish name.
    so, this time i was thinking to geet great time there but i dont know there is something wrong in management, well hope that they understand if they want to run good they have everyting good.i am sorry but i feel very bad this time.

  6. Hi guys.My name is Anush and I'd LOVE to leave comment for the best restaurant in the world.I wana say when I went Karma first time with my friend I really like there and I liked service too.I just wonder when instet of waiterss I've been served owner of restaurant.he seems me nice and politely person than I started go there ofthen.I am armenian and owner who became my best friend he is Indian.I wana say the person who wrote befor e me if you didn't like service and restaurant I;m sorry but may be sth was wrong with you.may be you eren't good mood that day because it is impossible that management be poor.I know everything about this rest. and I 'm going support them.because it's best restaurant in the world.sevice is best.owner very nice and politely everything always under control

  7. I was always keen to find an indian reastaurant in Yerevan where I travel once every three months or so. I have business friends who I would like to take for Indian food since I am an Indian from Delhi.
    I am happy to find this information on Karma and will certainly visit this restaurant. Do you have any suggestions from the Menu card?
    Rakesh Nangia

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