Help needed (not so much anymore)

I am sorry for the slow blogging recently. That is likely to continue into next week as I am trying to sort out some things connected with my new apartment.

It seems I won’t be able to move in for the next month or so, as there have been problems that have caused a big delay. I have to move out of my current apartment on Friday, so I will need an apartment for 1-2 months starting from the end of this week. If anyone has any tips, please send me an email to the address in the sidebar.

Update: Things are a lot better now, the problems are solved apart from tying up a few loose ends. Also, I think have a place to stay for a couple of weeks AND I probably can move into my apartment in two or three weeks already instead of at the end of September. Makes me feel so much better! On Monday I was really NOT looking forward to this week. Now, I am just tired and relieved and trying to make it till the weekend so I can sleep and relax once I moved my things.

6 thoughts on “Help needed (not so much anymore)

  1. Probably you could consult “Gind” weekly. I was looking through its announcmenets yesterday and there were planty of apartments for rent in Komitas, and not alone.

  2. Actually, I might have found something already. I will know for sure tonight. And chances are quite good, that I can move into my new apartment already in two or three weeks. Things don’t look so bad anymore compared to a couple of hours ago!

  3. I am glad to hear that everything worked out. I have been on such a postcard making fit that I haven’t checked in until now.

  4. Thanks, Margaret. I’ll move out today (Friday) to my temporary place. It is big enough so my parents can stay with me when they come in two and a half weeks and in a convenient location.

    Once I’m there I will do nothing but sleep and relax for the rest of the weekend. I haven’t had time for myself at all this week. During the day I was at work and in the evenings I was looking for an apartment. I was home only to sleep.

    I had a look at the pictures on your blog of the postcards you made and they’re very nice. I am glad you’re on such a roll with something you enjoy so much!

  5. Glad it seems like your problems are solved! Moving is stressful enough without doing it twice in a few months.

  6. I moved yesterday with the help of a good friend and I am so relieved to be out of the apartment of this stupid, stingy and slightly hysterical landlady! All she could think about yesterday was the money: have I paid the electricity, phone etc and if she could please see proof that I paid everything. I told her to try to see if phone, gas and light were working. That’s proof enough, because if you don’t pay your bills here, it’s cut off within a week or a couple of days.

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