There we go again

Via A1Plus comes the news of another recruit who appears to have been killed during his army service.

Instead of celebrating the 19th anniversary of their son the Metazoans were mourning over his premature death.

Hovik’s dead body was brought home on July 7. According to official data, Hovik committed suicide. The boy’s parents doubt this hypothesis.


The forensic examination concluded “disturbance of the brain functions, scratches and injuries on the neck, chest, toes and haemorrhage.” Hovik’s parents, relatives and acquaintances state that there were bruises and injuries on the body.

“I was in the morgue with inspectors. Hovik’s head was in blood. They protocolled the bruises on Hovik’s hands, feet and body,” Hovhannes’s uncle Tigran Harutyunyan told A1+.

According to the platoon commander the bruises might have been caused during the quarrel with the regiment commander.

One of the relatives told us that during his last visit Hovik begged them to transfer him to another regiment. “He said he was on bad terms with the officers.”

When is this ever going to end?

I remember that about six years ago I had an argument with the grandmother of friends. She considered that every young man should serve in the army because “it’s an honor to serve your country” while I disagreed. Based on stories that made the news and on experiences that former conscripts shared with me, in those six years absolutely nothing has changed.

I know that serving in the army is not supposed to be like staying in a 5-star hotel and I know that apparently a certain degree of hazing is supposedly beneficial to the group-bonding process (which still doesn’t mean I agree with it) but can someone please explain to me what kind of bonding is going on when someone is being abused till his kidneys are screwed up to the extent that he’ll be on dialysis for the rest of your life? Can someone explain to me what honor there is in being sentenced to prison because a superior is setting you up for a murder you didn’t commit? Or tell me what honour there is in being killed by your officers or older recruits because you don’t get along?

Because I really do not understand.

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4 thoughts on “There we go again

  1. he you are back..))

    sad story btw!
    all these militairy blabla, especially in the USA and TR is out-of-date…

  2. hi, i’ve been reading your blog for a while, it’s really interesting. I am british and quite interested in Armenia.
    Anyway i wanted to say, i lived in Moscow last year, and it’s much the same with the Russian army…:( pretty much everyone tries to avoid the service if they can. My best friend there is a gay guy and he’s got one more year till they think he’s too old and won’t take him…otherwise he just has to wait until then and hope they don’t pick up on him. 🙁
    i think the military should ONLY be for those people that are suited to it…a British military friend of mine agrees with that – AND something should be done about these awful conditions, too…

  3. I don’t understand either.

    Here in the U.S. the military recruiters go after the high school kids who are in poverty. They portray the military as a way out of poverty, as a way to pay for college, which these kids couldn’t otherwise afford. And they make it sound glamorous, too, talking about travel and exciting jobs. When in reality, so many of these kids go straight into battle and come back dead. And if they don’t come back dead, they come back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from killing someone or seeing a friend killed, etc. It’s horrifying.

  4. Hope that one day this ‘nationalism terror’ and misuse of religions will come to an end.
    Its hard for me to follow the USA policy after I left Miami in 2002, but smarter people with open and honest points of view always will be rembered.

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