A riddle

Here’s a riddle for you.

What does this picture have to do with Johan Cruijff?

The picture shows what’s been going on next to my building since last Sunday. They are digging. They are digging deep. And they are digging loudly and all day long (which you guys are fortunate enough not to hear from the picture). They are digging deep enough that I suspect they will build a fairly large building there. Worst case scenario (oh, there must be worse scenarios, I am sure, but this one is already pretty bad) is that the kebab place behind which they are digging (on the right side of the picture) is going to extend and get a seating area. Now it’s an over-the-counter place only where you can only eat standing. Usually this kind of places in Armenia involve music. Loud music. Until late in the evening/night.

No matter what they are going to build there, the building and the noise will be there for some time to come.

So where does Johan fit in here? Probably his most famous quote is (in fairly accurate phonetic Dutch): “Elluk nadeel hep zun voordeel.” In about equally phonetic English this translates as: “Efry disadvantush has its advantush.”

I am starting to think that it may not be such a bad idea that I have to move out by the end of August….

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