The wrong side

I am at work now (and as you will notice, I am working very hard 😉 ) and I was reading an article at this week’s Armenia Now about the case that three opposition parties have started at the Constitutional Court to have the results of the elections invalidated.

This had me rolling on the floor laughing:

To the question of C[onstitutional] C[ourt] member Hrant Nersisyan why the sacks were torn and open, [Central Election Commission Chairman Garegin] Azaryan said: “We had precincts where ballot-papers had been put into sacks through the wrong side. Those are technical problems and did not have an impact on the election outcome.”

If I were the judge I would have kindly asked Mr Azaryan to demonstrate how on earth it is possible to put something in a sack through the wrong side…..

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4 thoughts on “The wrong side

  1. These two countries and people have more in common than either one of them cares to admit! 😉

  2. The only thing which seperates them is religion..))
    For Dutch living in this region it is hard to follow how their ‘states’ are working..))

  3. In a way you are right, but I also notice how I have got used to things that for us Dutch are hard to imagine. I was reminded of this once again in the last couple of days when I was spending time with a group of Dutch journalism students who are currently in Armenia for the first time. I will blog about this (wanted to do it today, but internet at work was down until 15mins ago and now I am leaving work).

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