He’s Back!

This one’s keeping me company again for a couple of months. It’s so nice to have him around again!

And I’ll be back in two days. I am off to Spitak early tomorrow morning to accompany and interpret for a couple of journalism students from Holland who are in Armenia and Karabagh for ten days. I will try to post more regularly as I do have a couple of half-finished posts lying around.

9 thoughts on “He’s Back!

  1. Dag Myrthte,

    Goed en interessant blog.
    Ik ben een Nederlander in Turkije, 5 years already.Na jaren Miami en Praag.
    Will put you on my blogroll.

  2. Thank you, Hans!

    I know about the language mix-up. On any given day I speak four different languages (English, Russian, Armenian and Dutch) and sometimes the wires in my brain get misconnected and I start mixing things. 🙂

  3. Hi Myrthe, I lived in several countries, so you can imagine how mixed up my language skills are..))
    Only, no Turkey’s for me..))
    I am planning to visit Armenia and Georgia soon!

  4. Dear Myrthe, I’m exciting what you describe in the next days. Have a good time there. All the best, Ralph.

  5. Cute Kitty! I am constantly amazed at how much better the quality of my life is when there is a cat in my life 🙂

  6. I know, Margaret. I grew up with pets (cats, dog, rabbits), but when I went to live on my own, I didn’t have a pet for more than ten years. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed a pet until I moved in with my boyfriend and his two cats two and a half years ago.

  7. Michael, proud is not really the right word, I guess. I am just plain happy that he’s around. He makes good company and he makes me laugh out loud at least once a day!

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