Out of town and up the mountain

Together with a group of friends I used the day off on Monday for a trip out of town. Since I came back from Holland early March, I hadn’t been out of town at all, safe for a few trips to visit friends who live between Masis and Echmiadzin. As soon as we left the city on Monday, I felt the stress leave my body. I need to get out more often, but I don’t.

There were eleven of us and in two cars we drove up the Aragats. Near Byurakan we made a stop to visit Tegherivank (I don’t know if the pictures in the link are displayed – they weren’t when I tried), a small church outside of Byurakan village.

From Tegherivank we went up mount Aragats, all the way to Kari Lich at 3200m high. As you can see in the picture, there was still a lot of snow, on the road to the lake there were even a few times when we rode in between two walls of snow about as high as the car. At the restaurant near the lake we had lunch. For a couple of people in our group, this restaurant (or more precisely, the khash it serves) was what this whole trip was about.

After lunch four of our group went back in one car. The remainingĀ seven of us folded ourselves into the other car and went down a little later. On our way we decided to go to Sardarapat as it was May 28. In a village we passed on our way, we saw this stork’s nest with two young storks sticking their heads out.

At Sardarapat we walked around for a bit. There was a concert going on with different singers and groups. A boy of about eleven years old was performing while we were there, H.A.Y.Q. was there and some group with four girls in army-like pants and pink tops were waiting for their turn to sing (or maybe playback šŸ˜‰ ).

Back in Yerevan at about eight in the evening and in bed by ten thirty, that’s how tired I was. But I needed this mini-vacation so much!

There are more pictures on my Flickr page.

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