Some really random things.

Apparently Armentel has given up its monopoly on internet service. That is theoretically good news as it should open the door to lower prices and better internet connection. If this will have the same effect as Armentel giving up its monopoly on mobile phone services, then that bodes well. However, since this is Armenia I will believe it only when I see it.
More here, here and here.

On my way home, I walked through the underground shopping area at Barekamutyun. The place is being renovated and it is starting to look quite nice: new kiosks, nice tiles on the floor, well lit and markers at the exits pointing at the different streets. As my boyfriend who has lived nearby for over five years, said: “Finally, I will no longer get lost down there and take the wrong exit out!” I will try to get some pictures soon.

From Barekamutyun to the other end of Komitas, near Lambada Bridge. I had to be somewhere there this morning and I noticed that at that end of Komitas, about 2cm of fresh snow was lying on the ground which must have fallen last night. Near Barekamutyun, however, there has been no new snow since it first fell last week (well, safe for one or two flakes maybe). Also, it was noticeably colder near Lambada Bridge. Is this what they call micro-weather?

I finally took out my camera again (noticed it’s been over a month!) and took a few pictures morning. Here’s one and especially for Mr E there are a few more on my Flickr-page.

Last night, for the first time in several weeks I installed myself on the couch with hot tea, my nice warm bed cover and I spent a large part of the evening reading. Over the weekend I had started reading Amos Oz‘ memoir “A Tale of Love and Darkness” twice, but both times I fell asleep after reading a few pages. I fell asleep not because the book was boring, but simply because I was so tired. Anyway, last night I dove in well and I am loving the book so far. I had read a few of Oz’ books before which I had bought at a secondhand bookstore years ago, but they didn’t really impress me. Next time I am in Holland, I will definitely look for them in my boxes with stuff (or maybe they are still with my brother who now lives in my old apartment) and take them back. I have a feeling it is time for a re-appreciation.