To vote or not to vote – that’s the question

Talking about the elections made me remember something else.

In Holland itself in many voting districts voting will apparently be done the old-fashioned way again – with a red pencil -, because the voting computers that were going to be used turned out to be manipulable by wireless signal. Or something like that. The expats on the other hand will be experimenting with a new way of voting: by internet.

If you wanted to vote from abroad, you had to register by filling out a form and send it to the Netherlands. By snail mail, that is. So, having experience with the Armenian postal system (its speed and the mysterious disappearance of letters), I sent not only the paper form, but also a scan of it by email. I don’t know whether that was accepted or whether the paper form made it to The Hague within a reasonable time, but last week I received an email that I am registered to vote by internet. Mind you, it is by no means certain yet that I actually get to vote as I am now waiting for a letter with my password and login and all the other details. And yes, this letter will be send to me by snail mail. This letter may or may not arrive before the voting takes place, so I may or may not get to vote.

Voting in Holland – so 21st century!

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  1. This topic is most interesting to me as we are about to vote in US next week. Congress majority is up for grabs, so it’s a hot -hot voting season.

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