My Journey in the Armenian Church

No, not mine. This is the title of an interesting blog I found today, written by a twenty-something Armenian-American woman. The “About me” part and the blog’s title give you a pretty good idea of the theme:

I am a half-Armenian woman in her late 20s who, although baptized and christened into the Armenian Apostolic Church as an infant, grew up in a town without an Armenian Church. As an adult, I have recently started attending Armenian Church regularly. This blog is about my experiences as a rather late newcomer of sorts to my Mother Church.

Lots of interesting posts with thoughts about the need of the Armenian church to get and keep young people involved, the role of women in the Armenian church, getting reconnected to her Armenian roots, but also about feasts that she celebrates in church.

Well worth to head over and have a look. Even if you are not religious – like me ;-). The blog is here.

(By the way, I will have to start doing “The Good Stuff” again, as I have plenty of new and not-so-new blogs, articles, websites and other internet finds that deserve some attention.)