Sonya Varoujian

Last night I went to Sonya Varoujian‘s concert at the Avantgarde Folk Music Club. What can I say? I loved it. Her music is a mixture of Armenian with Celtic-ish influences (of which I am generally not too fond). I found her music very vibrant and very alive. Not only does Sonya have a good voice, she was also surrounded by a group of good musicians.

I will most probably buy her new cd “Janapar” (that is, if I don’t end up postponing and forgetting to buy it – unfortunately I have become a major postponer since I moved to Armenia 😉 ). The cd was for sale at the concert last night, but I didn’t have enough money with me (forgot to draw some). I did have a look at the cd, though, and flipped through the booklet. It looked very good, I liked the design – well done, Arsineh!

As Sonya mentioned during the concert, 10 % of the proceeds of the cd go towards the rebuilding of the school in the village of Martz in Lori marz. This is a village where she worked as a volunteer and she is now working towards renovating the village’s school. I would say that’s all the more reason to buy her cd!

Sonya’s blog Armenia Project 2006 is here and homepage can be found here.

Update: Armenia Now has an interview with Sonya Varoujian here.

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  1. It was a great evening. The orchestrations with classical western and Armenian instruments were very well done.

    Nice job!!!

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