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Recently I met Ashkhen Vartikyan, a young woman from Yerevan who works as a jewelry designer. She designs and makes necklaces, bracelets and earrings from precious and semi-precious stones, using stones such as amber, mountain crystal, agate, obsidian and topaz. She showed me some of her work and it is indeed beautiful designs and one of a kind, a very recognizable style. Though I have to honestly admit, that I am not sure I would wear any of the pieces I have seen – they are too big and lavish for my taste, I am more into simpler, more modest jewelry. Here are some examples of her work.

Ashkhen told me she doesn’t want to sell her works in shops, instead she takes her jewelry box with her to customers. Ashkhen prefers to keep her items exclusive – and the prices show this: a necklace costs about $150, a set of earrings about $40. But then again, it is all handmade and unique. Ashkhen told me how she has a few students learning the trade from her.

She also talked about her efforts to find way to expand her business by attracting customers from abroad. Ashkhen does have a website showing some of her work (I took the pictures in this post from there), but unfortunately it is only half finished. Still, there are several pictures showing her designs. I suggested to her that the first step to attracting customers from elsewhere is making sure you have an attractive website showing your work as so much people search the internet to find what they want. We’ll see what she will do about this. No matter what, I was very happy to meet an entrepreneurial woman like Ashkhen who has her own business and is not afraid to look further and think bigger. I wish her the best of luck in her business!

Ashkhen Vartikyan’s website is here.

3 thoughts on “Ashkhen’s Jewelry

  1. As I look into my crystal ball I forsee ensuing neck pains — They look rather heavy, did you try one on?

  2. I didn’t, but some of them were rather heavy. I did see a picture of a bride wearing one of Ashkhen’s necklaces. I can imagine she had a bit of a sore neck at the end of her wedding day…

  3. It looks like wonderful. Today a friend of mine from San Fransico expressed “WOW”! She fabricates similar jewelry there, for the rich people! Only smaller … but more expensively 😉 (& not so charming!)

    Thanks for the pictures!


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