Preparations for Independence Day

I took these pictures earlier today as I was walking on Republic Square. As you can see, the preparations for Independence Day (the day after tomorrow) are in full swing.

When I approached the stands they are building opposite the National Gallery from the direction of the Vernissage, I couldn’t help but be reminded of those pictures of Soviet leaders standing on Lenin’s Tomb on Moscow’s Red Square watching military parades. Back then you could get an idea of who was in favor of Stalin / Khrushchev / Brezhnev at that moment by watching the order in which they were standing: the closer someone was standing to the ‘big leader’, the more favorable he was looked upon by the boss. I wonder if we will see something like this on Thursday as well… But then again, I guess there are other ways these days of finding out who is in favor of today’s big boss…

2 thoughts on “Preparations for Independence Day

  1. Didn’t have the patience to wait for there to be no cars or people passing by (didn’t have the time for it either…), but I guess that adds some sort of a touch… ;-).
    Though newer and foreign car brands are taking over the streets of Yerevan fast, there are still plenty of old Soviet brands driving around – Jiguli, Volga etc. Sometimes (eh, often?) you see cars riding around that make your jaw drop – you expect them to fall apart right in front of your eyes any minute.

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