Back in Yerevan

I am back in Yerevan and will resume blogging in a couple of days. I needed a break from the computer, spent a week and a half in Holland (where nothing blogworthy happened), and got sick after I returned. To top it off, I have bit of a hectic week with my roommate moving out (and me moving my things around reorganizing- the flat is a mess, but I get to live alone again! That gives me such comfort and rest – mentally most of all) and I broke up with my boyfriend. We both saw this coming from miles away. I am glad we at least parted on friendly terms without anger or fights. Yerevan is a small town and we are bound to run into each other, so for now at least neither of us needs to turn a corner or hurriedly leave the cafe when s/he sees the other. I guess we’ll see what time brings…

Finally, coming soon on this blog: pictures! Yes, I finally went digital and bought a camera when I was in Holland (or rather: it was a belated birthday present from my parents), a wish I have had for some time. Expect me to run around carrying it everywhere and put the results out here!

Give me a couple more days to get organized and take care of some things and I’ll be back here.

6 thoughts on “Back in Yerevan

  1. Well, it has to be said that I still don’t shoot digital although I did for a year at Hetq. And I have to say that the quality of even a $1,600 digital disappointed compared to shooting film with a professional camera. Of course, that’s because I scan from negs up to 22 megapixel equivalent, but anyway.

    Even so, in certain lighting conditions, digital really was a disappointment. Then again, I’ve yet to use a $2,000 Nikon D200 or a $4,500 Nikon D2xs. I know what I’ll be asking Santa Claus for this year. 😉

    Still, for most people digital is convenient, and if that means more photos on blogs then I welcome it. Looking forward to the first shots which begs a question. Where are they?!?!?! 😉

    Talking of photos, anybody in Yerevan on Monday is invited to a special reception/exhibition held by Habitat for Humanity at the Marriott Armenia hotel. More details are here.

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