The bra-rant

I have been considering for some time whether to post this or not, but I decided to do so, as together with going to the hairdresser and finding nice shoes (non-pointy no stiletto heels), this makes up my top three annoyances when it comes to daily life in Armenia.

Why is it f***ing impossible to find a normal bra WITHOUT PADS in this country??????? Even the bathing-suit I bought (the only normal swimsuit I could find) has padding…..

I promise that this is the first and the last time I will discuss women’s underwear on this blog. I just had to get this of my …uhh… chest.

5 thoughts on “The bra-rant

  1. Don’t wear what? Bras with padding or bras in general? I have plenty of experience with wear non-preformed bras and that suits me just fine! The second I am not even going to try as I have been around long enough to imagine what will happen if a foreign woman walks bra-less around Yerevan. 😉

  2. you’re being a little too hard on all armenian males…

    maybe you can start a bra import-export company

  3. A French photographer who was recently here mentioned something interesting to me on a kind of related matter to this. He had just come back from Iran where the sexual politics of society make it difficult for women to attract men in the same way as they do in the West. Therefore they do everything to enhance their eyes, noses, wrists and hands.

    In Armenia, where it’s more liberal but still not as much as the West, the girls not only go in for the nose jobs, but also try to enhance and show off their breasts. I guess the padding works to great advantage and effect here.

  4. You might have a point, Onnik.
    But even women who don’t need padding to “enhance their attractiveness”, wear padded bra’s. Also, many times the padding doesn’t fit to the shape of the body, so it doesn’t even look good on the woman. Anyway, that is just my opinion based on extensive observation, but since I am a female I am not the target of the “attractiveness enhancing measures” so who cares… ;P

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