Vardan’s Birthday!

Today is Vardan’s sixteenth birthday. I talked to him yesterday and he seemed to feel okay – relatively speaking that is. If all is well, he is celebrates with his closest relatives in Echmiadzin today, some even coming down from Spitak for this.

In the last couple of weeks, Vardan has been through a lot. At one point his condition quickly deteriorated and he had to start dialysis. Unfortunately, Vardan’s body reacted much too strongly to it causing lots of problems, even a coma that lasted for a day. I have spent lots of time with him in the hospital over the last few weeks (one of the reasons of my lack of blogging), and fortunately he was getting better and allowed to leave hospital late last week, only coming in for dialysis every other day, including today.

Vardan jan, I wish you all the best, a long life (despite all the odds), health and that tomorrow will be better than today. Vardan, you’re only half my age, but you have no idea how much I respect your courage, the way you take all the crap that life is dealing you, the way you always laugh and are so upbeat. Please, don’t ever loose your smile!!

Tsnoundd shnorhavor!

Both pictures taken by my friend Thijs, Spitak 2004.

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2 thoughts on “Vardan’s Birthday!

  1. He is a nice kid, different from pretty much all other Armenian kids of the same age that I have met. He sees the world with different eyes than his peers. A friend of mine who met him, said he has an “old soul”. I guess he has in a way, but in other ways he is very much like a child.

    Vardan and I communicate in a mixture of Russian and Armenian, though we throw in the odd English phrase as well.

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