Armenian ship Cilicia (Kilikia) in Amsterdam

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Armenian ship Cilicia (Kilikia) in Amsterdam

Date: From 8 to 10 June 2006
Place: Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam
Kattenburgerplein 1 – 1018 KK Amsterdam

The Armenian ship Cilicia (Kilikia) will be in Amsterdam from 8 to 10 June 2006. The ship will arrive in Amsterdam on 7 June late in the evening and will be moored up at the Scheepvaartmuseum of Amsterdam until 10 June.

The ship Cilicia is a replica of an Armenian Cilician trade sailing ship from 13th century. The ship is made of wood with a total length of 20m. On Thursday 8 June the Dutch Armenian community will organise a welcoming ceremony with Armenian music and dance, which starts at 12.00 am. This ceremony will take place at the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam, Kattenburgerplein 1 – 1018 KK Amsterdam.

You can visit the ship also on 9 and 10 June during the opening hours of the museum from 10 am to 5 pm (Ticket prices: Adults 9 Euro, Children 6-18 years old 4,50 Euro, Children 0-6 years old Free, Senior 65+ 4,50 Euro, Family (2 adults & 3 children 6-18 – 22,50 Euro).

For 3 years the ship has been travelling along the old commercial routes of Armenian traders from Cilicia. On 11 July 2004 the ship left, under Armenian flag, from the port of Poti in Georgia and up to present has sailed to the following ports: Poti, Sochi, Kaffu, Istanbul, Athens, Ayas, Beirut, Haifa, Alexandria, Iraklion, Dubrovnik, Venice, Messina, Valetta, Tunis, Rome, Genoa, Marseilles, Barcelona, Cartagena, Cadiz, Lisbon, La Corunya, San Sebastian, La Rochelle, Brest, Cork, Dublin, Portsmouth.

Before arriving in Amsterdam on 7 June the ship first will call in at the port of Antwerp.

The crew of 13 persons, among whom the Armenian writer Zori Balayan, will organise several cultural events and meetings with the local governments and the Armenian community.

Armenia has no sea ports at present. However the fact that she had sea ports in the past with her own trade fleet, is probably unknown to lots of Dutch people, a maritime and trading nation and the former trade partner of Armenian Cilicia.

This event also means a lot to Armenia and the Armenian community. The maritime and trading past of both Dutch and Armenian nations will become visible, as both replicas, namely the VOC ship “Amsterdam” and the “Cilicia” will lay tied up near each other at the Scheepvaartmuseum from 8 to 10 June 2006.