The Good Stuff 3

Not too much good stuff to report, in part because I didn’t wander around the net very much. Worth mentioning are an article and a website that I came across that relate to topics I wrote about earlier.

Transitions Online carried an article about teaching the Latvian language to children of the large Russian minority living in that country and in particular one textbook that is being used for these classes which is considered by some as “either a bad joke or a deliberate perversion of the Latvian language.”

I also came across the Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies, a fairly new online journal devoted to the armed forces and power institutions of post-Soviet societies. Their first issue published back in 2004 was a theme issue about the dedovshchina, the very violent hazing of new recruits in the Russian army, but also in the armies of other countries of the former Soviet Union. Some serious cases of dedovshchina in Russia caught the attention of not only Russian, but also international media recently.

As for other, non-internet related Good Stuff that I came across in the past week or so: the supermarket next door to my new apartment sells speculaas!

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