Who’s taking the test?

I was faced with an interesting question today. I had to complete an English proficiency test for something. In my case this obviously was just a formality, but since this was procedure at this particular place I had to take the test anyway. It was a multiple-choice test where you had to choose the grammatically correct answer from three options. There was one question, however, to which I could not give a correct answer, because the three options that were given were all incorrect. So I started to wonder: should I or should I not point this out to the people who were giving the test. I decided to not tell them (I don’t know who had made the test and it might have been slightly embarrassing), but to point it out on my answer sheet. I don’t know if they’ll take note of it or if they will just mark my alternative answer as an incorrect answer, considering me an arrogant foreigner or something like that. In the end I don’t think it will matter much anyway….

4 thoughts on “Who’s taking the test?

  1. I think it would be a good idea to let them know about such errors so that they can (hopefully) correct them. Otherwise, the same mistakes will be made over and over again. I noticed various errors in the English textbooks used in the Gyumri schools, and brought them to the attention of a local English teacher. I very much can appreciate your comment regarding “…foreigner.” That type of thinking, from my experience, seems to be common there. That’s OK. You are doing your part to help the people, and that is what is important. Perhaps, someday, efforts such as yours will be valued.

  2. Maybe they wanted the ‘least incorrect’ answer, maybe like the MBA ‘most correct’ answer style (when all the answers are correct but you gotta choose the best one).

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