Award winning artist Michael Poghosian

Armenian actor and singer Michael Poghosian is one of eleven artists from different countries who has won a prestigious Dutch cultural award from the Prince Claus Fund. According to their website,

“The Prince Claus Fund aims at increasing cultural awareness and promoting exchange between culture and development. The Prince Claus Fund initiates and supports artistic and intellectual quality, creates platforms for debate and stimulates creative processes and artistic productions. The Prince Claus Fund is a platform for intercultural exchange. It works jointly with individuals and organisations mainly in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean on the realisation of activities and publications reflecting a contemporary approach to the themes of culture and development.”

One of their many activities are the Prince Claus Awards:

“Outstanding quality is an essential condition for an award. The most important consideration of the jury is the positive effect of a laureate‚Äôs work on a wider cultural or social field. The Prince Claus Fund interprets culture in a broad sense to encompass all kinds of artistic and intellectual disciplines, science, media and education.”

This year’s theme is Humor and Satire. Poghosian finds himself in the diverse company of other laureates such as cartoonists from South-Africa and Argentina, an archaeologist and community worker from Brazil, a dancer and choreographer from Kenya, a puppet-master from Indonesia, a painter from Congo and a satirist from Iran. Michael Poghosian is the first Armenian to receive this award, which will be handed to Poghosian in December by the Dutch Ambassador to Armenia.

One thought on “Award winning artist Michael Poghosian

  1. Hi Myrthe
    Great to see Armenian talent recognized. Also, I checked and saw that the Argentinian cartoonist is Quino. He is fantastic at what he does, and I encourage you to check out his absolute classic, Mafalda. Mafalda and her friends portray current society in the most clever and humorous way, always leaving room for thought.
    Keep up the good work with the blog.

    ps: just unsure if Mafalda would be translated into English….?

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